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Board Members

2016 Board Picture

Back Row: Sam Galston, Paul Maynor, Morris Cumbie, Ronnie Miller, Morris Berry, Bobby Gunn, Lance Bosher
Middle Row: Aileen Thwaites, Brenda White, Lorie Ann Lythgoe, Linda Crespo
Front Row: Ken Chandler, Jan Rusbasan, Steve Meadows
Not Pictured: Connor Linton

Meet the Chesterfield County Fair Association Board Members

2017 Fair Officers

President – Kenny Chandler
Vice President – Steve Meadows
Secretary – Lorie Ann Lythgoe
Treasurer – Jan Rusbasan

2017 Board Members

Lance Bosher
Linda Crespo
Morris Cumbie
Wendy Holt
Connor Linton
Ronnie Miller
Freddy Ridout
Aileen Thwaites
Jay Wieting
Donnie Yancey

2017 General Manager

Brenda White

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