Chesterfield Top

Best of Show

Rosette Winners

Best of Show 2016

Dept. A – General Farm Crops

Vernon Lawrence (Tomatoes)
Betty Chaplin (Squash Foofah)
John R. Robertson, III (Corn Stalks)
Alli G. Taylor (Pumpkin – Youth)

Dept. E – Cooked Foods

Denise Hart (Chocolate Mocha Cheesecake)
Marie Shiflett (Tropical Carrot Cake)
Emma Hendrick (Carrot Cake – Youth)
Heather Wells (Robot Cake, Decorated Cake)

Dept. F – Canned Foods

Beth Honea (Green Beans)
Caitlyn Bailey (Green Tomato Pickles)
Gary Alderman (Pineapple/Passion Fruit/Pomegranate Jam)

Dept. G – Adult Crafts & Older Youth

Brenda Austin (Scrapbook)
Steve Vaughan (Turned Bowl)
Mark Wuerschmidt (Walking Stick)
Matthew Martin (Wooden Cabinet – Age 16)

Dept. G – Fancy Works/Sewing/Quilts

Nicole Mehaffey (Crochet Afghan)
Deanna Doughty (Counted Cross Stitch)
Karen Ladman (Knitting)
Christy Shires (Quilting)
Allie Strough (Rug)

Dept. H – Art & Photography

Jane Thomas (Art, Watercolor Seascape – Adult)
Gray Breeden (Art, Ink Drawing – Youth
Eddie Pearce (Photography, Color Photo, Fishing Pier – Adult)
Ivy Maddy (Photography, Black & White Photo – Youth)

Dept. J – Jr. Arts & Crafts

Sanuthi Henkana (Centerpiece, Age 4)
Everett Aileo (Drawing, Age 9)
Gabrial Sparks (Christmas Rocket, Age 12)

Dept. K – 4-H Boys & Girls

Renecia Allen (Bango Drums, Age 8)
Shakylia Jones (Flower Arrangement, Age 9)
Grace McCoy (Water Project, Age 12)
Kate McCoy (Chalk Drawing, Age 17)

Dept. M – Flowers

Nancy Anthony (Celosia)
Nancy Anthony (Silent Night Arrangement)
Ellen Spiggle (Celosia Plant)
Juliet Aileo (Sunflower)