Chesterfield Top

Best of Show

Rosette Winners

Best of Show 2018

Department A     General Farm Crops, etc.

Rachael Loving – Goards
Audie Chapman – Pepper – Habanero
Chris Allen – Watermelon -Largest

Department E  Cooked Foods

Amir Farag – Angel Biscuits
Marie Shiflett – Chocolate Layer Cake/Chocolate Icing
Lillian Daniel – Artisan Bread
Carolyn Wells – Decorated Cake, Christmas (Adult)
Jessie Rager – Decorated Cupcakes-Hamburgers (Junior)

Department F  Canned Foods

Reddog Gottfried – A.O.V Squash
Beth Honea – Pickled Peppers
Barbara Stewart – Cherry Cobbler Wine Jelly
Angevin White – Strawberry Jam (Junior)

Department G  Adult Crafts & Young Adults (Age14-17)

Deanna Rathje – Snowman
Marie Shiflett – Horse – Clay Pots
Angela Dunn – Flower Painting on slate
Gabriel Sparks – Foil Tree Picture (Young Adult)

Department G Fancy Works/Sewing/Quilts

Rebecca Henderson – Sewing (Skirt)
Michelle Bellows – Patchwork Quilt
Maxine Phillips – Cross-stitch
Jeri Cohen – Bargello
Terry Jean Prior – Crochet Afghan
Karen Ladman – Knitting

Department H  Art & Photography
Bernard W. Camden – Oil Painting (Adult) Art
Jessie Bell – Drawing (Youth) Art
Eddie Pearce – Color Photo (Photography) (Adult)
Nicholas Gambill – Color Photo (Youth) (Photography)

Department J Junior Arts & Crafts

Cooper Robertson – Diorama
Charlotte Minnicino – Quilt
Madison Spencer – Wall Hanging

Department K 4-H Boys & Girls

Kaylin Lynch – Legos (candy dish)
Loran Bond – Sewing – Skirt
Mark Farag – Mask
Sakari Rivers – Color Portrait

Department M  Flowers

Everett Teller – Blackeye Susan
Madison Williams – “Happy New Year” 1 blossom
Kenny Baltz – Peace Lily