Miss Chesterfield County Fair

Meet the Royals!

The Chesterfield County Fair is very pleased to announce its 2021 Royals.  They were introduced and crowned during the fair.  Pageant director and General Manager, Brenda White Vaughn, is "very excited for this beautiful and talented group of Royals to represent Chesterfield County Fair, including making public appearances, participating in parades and helping out by volunteering in the community."  If your business or organization would like a visit or some assistance by the Royals, please contact Brenda at:  Generalmanager@chesterfieldcountyfair.org.

Our 2021 Queen, Caroline Domo, is a recent graduate of Virginia Wesleyan University.  She is a certified therapeutic recreational therapist as well as a small business owner.  Caroline has spent a lot of time working with Chesterfield County Sheriff, Karl Leonard and his HARP program - where she has gained a better understanding of chemical dependency and what can be done about it.  This is Caroline's platform - learning and helping those with chemical dependencies.
Caroline will be represented the Chesterfield County Fair at the Virginia Association of Fairs pageant, January 2022 at the Williamsburg Lodge, where she finished in the top 10 for the tile of Miss Virginia Association of Fairs.
Congratulations to all our Royals!

Thank you to Paul Diming for all the wonderful photos. Visit his website at www.pauldiming.com.

Brenda White Vaughn
Director, Miss Chesterfield County Fair Pageants

2021 Miss Chesterfield County Fair, Caroline Domo

2021 Miss Chesterfield County Fair Teen Princess, Andrea Farag

2021 Miss Chesterfield County Fair Preteen Princes, Riley Hacker (not pictured)

2021 Miss Chesterfield County Fair Junior Princess, Alana Skinner

2021 Miss Chesterfield County Fair Little Princess, Blair Taylor

2021 Miss Chesterfield County Fair Tiny Princess, Nicolette Arnold