Frequently Asked Questions

Find a quick answer to questions most asked.

What happens if it rains while I'm at the fair?

The rides may not be operated during the rain. Once the rain has subsided, the operators will open back up as quickly as possible. In the case of rain or any sort of bad weather that forces the closing of the fair for the remainder of the day, there are no refunds on your admission or ride tickets. There are no rain checks issued for another day so check out the weather before you come. If it looks like the weather will pass and the fair will resume operation that day, you may get your hand stamped for re-entry on THAT DAY ONLY.

Can I bring my dog to the fair?

Only certified service animals are permitted on the fairgrounds.

Can my family bring a picnic with them to the fair?

We do not allow outside food to be brought into the fairgrounds. Baby food/bottles are the exception. If you want to bring a meal and keep it in a cooler in your car, you can get your hand stamped allowing you to go out to your car and then return to the fairgrounds that same day once you've finished your picnic.

Can I bring a motorized wheelchair to the fair?

Yes, motorized and manual wheelchairs are welcomed at the fair. Mobility around the grounds has been made easier by the recent paving of the midway and walkways. Strollers/wagons are also allowed. Motorized vehicles such as golf carts are not allowed to be brought in by patrons.

Do you have ATMs on the grounds?

Yes, we have ATMs located throughout the grounds.

If I need to leave the fairgrounds, can I get back in?

In order to return you must get your hand stamped at the gate before leaving, You may come back onto the fairgrounds on the same day only.

What does the admission ticket price cover?

Admission to the fair allows you to visit and experience all of the shows and exhibits throughout the fairgrounds (i.e. Heritage Village, Tractor Club, Animal Exhibits). As well as the Exhibition Building and the Arts and Crafts Building. Our evening entertainment (i.e. wrestling, musical groups, rodeo) are free once you have purchased your admission ticket.

My mom can't walk too far. What options are available for her to still come enjoy the fair?

You may bring your own wheelchair onto the grounds. We also offer free tram service from the back parking lot to the main fairgrounds. Once on the main grounds, we have free shuttle service that continuously circulates around the grounds where patrons can get on/off at the many exhibits and activities. New this year, we will offer a shuttle stop at L. C. Bird High School to the main fair grounds. We also have many benches placed throughout the grounds for our patrons to stop and enjoy.

I lost my phone at the fair. Is there a Lost and Found?

Lost and found items are turned in at the Information Booth located near the main entrance to the midway. If contact information is available regarding a found item, we try to contact that person through an announcement or by phone. If you've lost something, you can report it at the Information Booth or you can call 804-768-1555 leaving a description and contact information.

How can I enter items to be judged at the fair?

Several options are available. Complete the Arts & Crafts Entry Form found on this website under Forms. You can also bring your items to the fairgrounds at the scheduled times and complete an entry form at that time.

Are there any height restrictions for the midway rides?

Height restrictions vary per ride. Most kiddie rides have a 36" minimum height requirement although some allow under that height restriction if accompanied by an adult. Adults must have tickets to ride with a child per insurance requirements. See individual ride requirements posted at the ride.